At Beerwulf, we are, what you might call beer enthusiasts. And if you’ve made it this far, there’s a good chance you might like beer too. Cheers to that!

First and foremost, we sell beer. Good beer at that. We are your go-to online beer shop. However, we feel that BEERWULF.com offers a little bit more than that. Starting from a startup of 5 people in 2015, Beerwulf has now expanded into more than 10 countries across Europe with 75+ employees and 27 nationalities. We are a very diverse bunch, united by one goal, we aim to unlock the world of beer, together. We may have started as a small, crafty web shop, but we have big dreams. Nowadays we are a lot bigger, have a lot more products and a lot of work to do. That’s why we need new talent, with interesting opinions, ambition, curiosity and passion.

Let us explain more about what we do and who we are here for. Beyond selling excellent beer, Beerwulf exists for those who are fascinated by the world of beer; it’s interesting history, the ingredients, and the incredible craft. For amateurs, pros and anyone who wants to try their hand at pouring draught beer at home. Beerwulf is the platform for everyone: from the mainstream lager drinkers, to the craft beer geeks, the cult classic followers, tech lovers, to the gifters. We’re here for the people who like sticking to what they know, and for those who’ll try anything and everything. For those who like their brews in bottles, cans, and cases; to those who prefer their beer fresh from the keg. We are here for thirsty people!

Beerwulf unites the drinkers with the brewers. Beerwulf is the user-centric, data-driven, storytelling, human platform dedicated to selling, sharing and exploring the world of beer. We are not a tech company, but we believe we are pretty forward thinking and digitally savvy. We strive to pique curiosity with topical blog content and personal recommendations from experts and beer lovers. At Beerwulf, we offer fair prices to both customers and brewers. We promise to safely ship beer in our signature Beerwulf boxes. We offer fast, affordable, and flexible delivery options — whether that’s at home, for businesses, or on-trade.

How does all the sound? Do you want to be part of an international team of brewers, creatives, marketeers, developers, dreamers and go-getters? Have you got passion, drive and enthusiasm? Then, come, join and be part of our pack & the future, we would love to have a beer with you!

Will you join and help us make this a huge success?


Our office is nestled in the middle of Amsterdam, in an old townhouse. Right in between the beautiful canals and the vibrant streets of the Pijp, with its many lunch spots and biggest open market of Amsterdam. We are a very diverse bunch, united by one goal: we aim to unlock the world of beer together. At Beerwulf, we’ve traded the boardroom for a bar, enjoy communal lunches in the ‘sun-soaked’ courtyard, and enjoy the being around people that are serious about beer – all without taking ourselves too seriously.

Working at Beerwulf gives us the opportunity to be part of a leading online craft and speciality beer platform in Europe. Simply put, we’re an international group of passionate beer and eComm specialists looking to open eyes, minds and taste buds to the world of beer. A start-up that’s hit the scale-up phase, we’re fearlessly ambitious and always looking to test, learn and grow.


Do you have a question about one of our vacancies? Please check the profile to see who is the best person to contact. Any other questions related to working at Beerwulf? Just contact HR at hr@beerwulf.com.

By submitting your details, please be aware that your personal data will be stored and processed. You can review the Beerwulf privacy policy regarding recruitment on our site: https://www.beerwulf.com/en-nl/hr-privacy-statement/




Working at Beerwulf means you are very much down to earth, respectfully direct, a team player, hands-on, service-minded and full of humour. And we can’t mention it enough: you like working with beer. A LOT. Combine this with an affinity and/or experience with e-commerce and the Beerwulf picture is complete.

Do you think you would make an excellent fit in our team? Check out our vacancies! 



Cindy Tervoort

Managing Director

Eline Noordam

Head of HR

Nienke Smit

Office Assistant

Krijn Jansen


Jean Carlo Him Garcia

Customer Journey Expert

Lena Addink

Strategic Relationship Lead

Vicky Lewis

Head of Brand, Campaign & Content

Kiki van Beerendonk

Creative Designer

Alice Whitting

Content Specialist UK

Ivo Mackor

Content Specialist NL/BE

Wessel Burger

Brand & Campaign Lead

Jennifer Gouda

Brand & Campaign Specialist

Deepti Rao  

Digital Content Creator

Diantha van Surksum

SEO Lead

Elias Pentes

SEO Associate

Elisa Manenti

Content Specialist


Marlene Weismann

Content Specialist DE/AT

Axel Donnat

Content Lead

Emilie Osinga

Head of Growth

Yetkin Girgin

Database & Marketing automation specialist

Hiske Bolt

Retention Specialist

Anaïs Wagenaar

Email Specialist

Agata Nowaczyk

E-mail Associate

Mate Csernak

Paid Search Specialist

Orestis Oikonomopoulos

Paid Search Associate

Clara Ferrante

Affiliate & Programmatic Associate

Anna Soldatova

Paid Social Associate

Despina Paspati

Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Ronne Recourt

Performance Marketing Manager

Hannah Emerson

Marketing Analyst

Jacques Muller

Group Head CSP&L

Hadassa Stevens

Head of Planning & S&OP 

Rutger Heida

Supply Planner

Joris van Lobenstein

Junior Supply Planner

Péter Ferenczi

Supply Planner

Sjoerd de Reus

Head of Logistics

Emma van Noort

Logistics Specialist

Luca Meini 

Logistics Specialist

Christian Collot

Operations Analyst

Raphaël Fuchs

Demand planner

Alexandra Nikolin

Sustainability Associate

Victoria Jansson

Head of Customer Care

Robin Mai Schroot

Customer Care & Community Specialist

Claire de Oliveira

Customer Care Specialist

Keri Nel

Customer Care Specialist UK

Elisabetta Noto

Customer Care Associate IT

Julia Kuleshova

Customer Care System Specialist

Bastiaan Jurna

Group Head Marketplace & Category Management

Paul Corten

Group Head Category Management & Sourcing

Fia Kallio

Category Associate

Daniel Nogueira

Category Lead

 Murray Middleton

Category Specialist

Katinka Bezemer

Marketplace Lead

Ebba Schep

Partner Specialist

Natalie Nosáková

Sourcing Associate

Dominique LeBlond


Marcus Klaas de Vries

Senior Data Engineer

Serge Meunier

Engineering Manager

Bart Koek

Product Manager Logistics

Fotis Dorkofikis

Medior Back-end Developer 

André Lötter

Engineering Manager

John Connor

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Arash Bahreini

Senior Full Stack Developer

Dharmen Bavaria

Engineering Manager

David Moore

Engineering Manager

Sebastiaan Hoejenbos

Product Manager Shop & Checkout

Maëlys Boyer

Product Owner New Business

Monique Camilleri

Product Designer

Menno Zeilstra

Senior Back-End Developer

Adam Śmiechura

Platform Architect 

 Ricardo Silva 

Back-end Developer

Masinde Odera

Front-End Developer

Rimvy Zaluba

Medior Back-end Developer

Dave Zoontjes 

Technical Web Analyst

Mehmet Çakmaz

Senior Back-end Developer 

Abdulkadir Erkmen

Senior Back-end Developer

Abdellatif Moughouz

Medior Back-end Developer

Tim Thijsse

CRO Specialist

Catherine Safaya


Shan Jiang

Reporting & Accounting Associate


Business Analyst

Janneke Jansen

Business Analyst