Allow us to introduce ourselves is a brand new online platform designed by and dedicated to beer enthusiasts. Our mission is to make great craft and specialty beers accessible for everyone. Therefore we make it easy, rewarding and fun to discover the world of beer. We want to become THE online destination for beer lovers all over Europe. HEINEKEN also recognized  this opportunity, and became the sole shareholder of Beerwulf B.V.®
Will you join and help us make this a huge success?


Beer is booming. These days we’re spoilt for choice across craft and speciality beers in bottles, cans and even draught at home. The only trouble is knowing what’s out there, what’s good, and how you go about getting it from the brewery to your front door. Which is where Beerwulf comes in – and hopefully, where you come in.

Working at Beerwulf gives us the opportunity to be part of a leading online craft and speciality beer platform in Europe.

Simply put, we’re an international group of passionate beer and e-Com specialists looking to open eyes, minds and taste buds to the world of beer. A start-up that’s hit the scale-up phase, we’re fearlessly ambitious and always looking to test, learn and grow.

Nestled in an old central Amsterdam townhouse, we’ve traded the boardroom for a bar, enjoy communal lunches in the ‘sun-soaked’ courtyard, and enjoy the company of a diverse group of people that are serious about beer – all without taking ourselves too seriously.


Working at Beerwulf means you are very much down to earth, respectfully direct, a team player, hands-on, service-minded and full of humour. And we can’t mention it enough: you like working with beer. A LOT. Combine this with an affinity and/or experience with e-commerce and the Beerwulf picture is complete.

Do you think you would make an excellent fit in our team? Check out our vacancies! 

Meet the team

Hans Böhm

Katinka Bezemer

Bart Koek

Els Morssinkhof

Marc Scholten

Bonny Bentinck

Sanne Jongsma

Chih-Tao Yeh

Jolyn Van Doorn

Quentin Le Moigne

Lars Harmsen

Vicky Lewis

Mégane Strowski de Lenka

Phoebe Truselle

Thijs Kaagman


Lorena Fullone

Nicole Niedermayer

Anaïs Wagenaar

John Hodges

Nathan Hak

Levi Hoonings

Jennifer Gouda

Cemil Toksöz

Jasmyn Cheng

Ronne Recourt

Austi Nuranu

Diantha van Surksum

Lucile Bernard

Anja Lazar

Jamie Day

Bart Nijhoff

Bing Zhang

Adam Chang

Jean Carlo Him Garcia

Anna Dudkiewicz

 Wolfgang Fahrner

Daniel Nogueira

Anna Bourou

Brent Jones

Dimitris Beis

Joel Glashower

Natalia Tord

Sebastian Wall

Bart Mulders 

Eirini Markaki

Inchela Rutjes

Lisette Olde Schepper

Darren Ferris

Javier Mañas Sáez

Joyce van Leeuwen

Mark De Leeuw

Maricela Arredondo Pimentel

Nils Kutta

Maëlys Boyer

Elisa Manenti

Roel Hermens

Martyna Ozaist

Menno Zeilstra

Tarik Kiliç

Tiago Bonin

Breno Boueri

Siegfried Grimbeek

Amanda Macapagal

Burak Yilmaz

Farheen Shaik

Catherine Safaya

Asta Baradulinaité

Andzej Trusevic

Tereza Kuncova


Do you have a question about one of our vacancies? Please check the profile to see who is the best person to contact. Any other questions related to working at Beerwulf? Just contact HR at

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