Sourcing & Merchandising Champ (Belgian)

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Sourcing & Merchandising Champ (Belgian)


Hi soon-to-be Sourcing & Merchandising Champ of!

We’re new, we’re growing and we are embarking upon a great adventure. Our team is a selected blend of beer and eCommerce specialists. Together we make a great team and our pack is looking for a hands-on commercial wulf...

We need an energetic Belgian Sourcing & Merchandising Champ who is commercially in control every single day. You are never out of stock. Are you up for this challenge?

Your ‘typical’ day @the office as our Sourcing & Merchandising Champ

As a start-up we are still building our team, so we try to work from the office as much as possible. Working hours are relatively flexible. Meeting your deliverables is what matters most. How you meet them? That’s mostly up to you, but you are a self-starter, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Every day we have our daily stand-up. We use this brief meeting to update each other. Your day will never be the same, but your activities most probably are related to beer hunting, –sourcing, category management, and contract- and shop management.

Together with Arnaud and Lisette, you are constantly renewing the Beerwulf assortment. Meaning: Initiating the sourcing via any new craft brewer, checking whether the new craft beers are fitting the Beerwulf assortment, implementing all data including the brewer’s page and creating a stock level in our logistic warehouse so at all time our consumer is able to order these crafty beers! Pricing of the assortment is obviously also part of the job.

So in short you are our online category specialist, but as a member of this start-up, you don’t mind working on other cross-functional projects in which you are able to show your strong sales skills and attention to detail.

Don’t forget: it’s important we know our beers. Beer is everywhere, so the work is never done. It will most likely grow on you, and after some time you will stop and take a look at beers in bars, supermarkets, festivals and online. You will become (if not already) curious and excited about beer!





The things you bring to as our new Sourcing & Merchandising Champ

Besides being a native Belgian - and therefore mastering the French and Flemish/Dutch language - you are also fluent in English.  

As our Sourcing & Merchandising Champ you embrace digital. You think in digital solutions and do not hesitate implementing them as well.

Because of your strong communication skills and go-getting attitude you contact brewers, suppliers or third parties whenever needed and you get things done. You have good business sense and are almost immune to stress. Therefore making decisions when needed is a piece of cake for you. With your great eye for detail and your preference for checks and keeping data up-to-date, you make this role a success story.

Since we’re small (for now) and brand-new, you are flexible, a self-starter and pragmatic. You show initiative and come up with (digital) solutions, improving the business.

You have at least a Bachelor’s degree, for example in a discipline such as (Commercial) Economics or Business Administration. Some category management background in Retail is necessary - let’s say a minimum of 2 years.

Your best friends describe you as a teamplayer, accurate, flexible, driven and funny (or very willing to laugh at our jokes). Making mistakes is human, and you’re not afraid to admit yours.

 Please note candidates must be eligible to work in the EU.

Next steps for the new Operational Sales Champ

No motivation letter, just a few questions for you to answer in the next step. We will take a look at your resume, so make sure it is shiny and bright. Next to this, we ask you to complete the assignments listed below.

In the best case scenario, you will have two interviews before you’re hired. The first one will be with Arnaud Wynia, who will probably invite another colleague to join the interview. As we are building a high performance team, our leader of the pack Hans Böhm likes to get to know you and talk about your motivation, looking for the (culture) match. You will meet him in the second and final round. Questions about this position? Send them to

Still enthusiastic? Then hit that button and upload your resume and the assignment ultimately on the 12th of August 2017

Please do not make use of this vacancy as an acquisition opportunity


We would like you to complete the following assignment(s):

1. “Through Customer Service you receive a question on whether or not we have a specific Eastern-European craft beer in our assortment, which ranks high on the Untappd and RateBeer sites. We don’t. What would you do to get this beer into our web shop?

2. “Of course your IQ and EQ are perfectly on par, but how about your BQ (business quotient)? Please share a short personal story that shows us a high score on the ‘BQ factor’.”

There are no right or wrong answers, we would just like you to show us your logic and reasoning. Your answer can be uploaded in the next steps. Good luck!